(French I)

Online French I is the entire first year of the French language curriculum specifically adapted and developed for online learning. Rather than a listen and repeat language learning program, this class utilizes the same interactive and engaging in-class methodology adapted to a virtual environment. The student will have opportunities to submit language recordings and receive audio feedback from the teacher, complete various reading and written exercises to practice concepts without getting repetitious, and also experience some French culture through videos and personal experiences. Each lesson video was created by Mrs. Loznak, a highly qualified and certified French teacher, to help break down the components in simple explanations with practice. Additionally, Mrs. Loznak communicates with virtual students on a daily basis through email, feedback on Blackboard, and when necessary, phone or video conferences. If you have questions, or you would like to speak with Mrs. Loznak about the course options, please feel free to email her at Thank you for your interest!