Exploration of French Culture
(French Culture)

This culture based elective course is designed to introduce students to French/Francophone culture and expose them to the more than 53 countries worldwide that have language and cultural connections to French. Since the course is an introduction and exploration of culture, it is not necessary to have any French language knowledge or experience prior to taking this class. This semester long, elective class consists of five main chapters including identification of French countries, food, celebrations, travel/environment, and sports. Just like a classroom environment, every student will have daily access to Mrs. Loznak and will receive personalized feedback on projects and assignments. This class is specially developed with a variety of interactive and engaging activities to make learning enjoyable. Additionally, the online class environment provides an excellent method for students to work at their own pace through the class based on their lives and their schedules. Finally, Online Exploration of French Culture will provide a solid base for any student who might be interested in learning the French language. This class is also recommended for the student who is already taking French and has some knowledge but wants to explore more about the culture, or for the student desiring to broaden his/her perspective of the vast world and the intricacies of various cultures that make it such a remarkable place. If you have questions, or you would like to speak with Mrs. Loznak about the course options, please feel free to email her at lindsayloznak@gmail.com. Thank you for your interest!