Drafting and Design Online Semester 1 - ETEC140 Fall2013

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Comprehensive introductory course which integrates two foundational engineering graphics elements of manual sketching and computer aided drafting (CAD). The manual

sketching portion offers exposure to topics used in creation and reading of engineering drawings: lettering, line types, geometric construction, pictorial representation, orthographic projection, auxiliary views, sectional views, dimensioning, tolerancing, fastening techniques, and working drawing interpretation. Students will be introduced to the standards (ANSI/ASME-Y14.x) that guide

the use of each topic. The CAD portion is divided between the creation/editing of basic dimensional drawings and 3-D solid models. Students will be introduced to 2-D CAD techniques which will allow them to automate the drawing topics covered in the sketching portion of the course. The 3-D CAD portion of the course will introduce the student to the creation and editing of solid models, including the creation of 2-D prints of the models.