Math of Money 2010-2011
(Rawls' M of M)

Mathematics of Money

                                 Primary Grade Levels 11th - 12th                                

Elective            1 Credit

This is a course designed to assist students in financial planning so that the choices they make to establish an independent life style will be informed choices. Mathematics of money does this in two important ways. By sharpening the mathematical skills they'll need to manage finances and becoming aware of some of the inducements and temptations they'll face as they choose how to spend their money.  Also, students will be encouraged to bring into the classroom materials and observations from their own life. They will make connections with their own experiences-- connections that will be of interest to their fellow students.

Students also will have opportunities to explore the real world of personal finance. Some of the areas explored are banking, apartment hunting, paying bills, credit cards, credit ratings. stocks and bonds, insurances, and taxes to name a few. 

This is an elective class and credit for this class may be substituted for a math credit.