We did not include content for this unit specifically for the Geometry course.  The MDE math consultant created draft units aligning the CCSSM into the three required courses in Michigan: Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and Geometry.  The draft Geometry units included multiple standards from the statistics domain, which are listed on the next page.   Traditionally these standards have been taught in an Algebra 2 course and teachers working with TBAISD created a Moodle Algebra 2 course containing the content included in those standards, but aligned to the Michigan HSCEs. 

Since the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium will still assess the High School content during the Junior year, there is some flexibility in what year of High School we teach the required content.  You can choose to teach the probability content within a Geometry course or an Algebra II course or separate them into both courses.  If you choose to teach it in a Geometry course and are using this course as your guide, you will need to adjust the suggested time frame for each unit to allow time for a probability unit.  If you choose to teach it in an Algebra II class, you will need to make sure to cover the content prior to SBAC test administration window.

If you want to see the resources available in the TBAISD Michigan Algebra II Moodle Course referenced above, select the following link:

Michigan Algebra II Course

This link takes you to the page that provides the "Sneak Peek" of the course, which contains all content except for post-tests and answer keys.  This page also provides a link to instructions on how to get the course for yourself.