HOW TO:  Link to a file

Posting documents or other files on you site is really a two step process.  First, you need to get the document into you course directory. In doing so, you are taking content from your local directory and "filing" it on the web.  Second, you create link from your course page to the file in the directory.  Moodle allows you to do these steps simultaneously, or as separate steps.  Here's how you do it simultaneously.

  1. Open your course site;
  2. Turn editing on;
  3. Select a topic block and open the "add a resource" drop down menu;
  4. Click on "file"
  5. Enter a name for your file link, and a short description
  6. Next to “select file” click “ADD”.  This will send you to the MOODLE file picker.
  7. If you are lining to a file you previously uploaded to MOODLE, visit either the SERVER, RECENT or PRIVATE files area.
  8. If you are uploading a file for the first time, select “UPLOAD A FILE”
  9. Browse to locate a file in your directory that you want to upload.
  10. Decide whether the link should open in the same or new window.
  11. Click "save and return to course".


Last modified: Monday, November 28, 2011, 10:21 PM