HOW TO:  Create an Offline Assignment

An offline activity is a way to create a scoring location in your MOODLE gradebook, even if the assignment is not going to be submitted online.  If a moodle gradebook entry is not important to you, this type of assignment can also be communicated to students through the use of a simple text or webpage resource.  

  1. Go to your course site;
  2. Turn editing on;
  3. Select a topic module to work in;
  4. Open the "add an activity" drop down menu;
  5. Click "Offline Activity";
  6. Enter a name for your assignment; 
  7. In the "description" field, put any instructions that support the assignment (since this is an assignment completed outside of MOODLE, you may want to specify HOW students are to submit there completed work);
  8. If it will be a graded assignment, MOODLE can help.  Enter a grading scale, submission dates, and options in the parameter fields.
  9. Click "save and return to course".

Last modified: Monday, July 18, 2011, 12:24 PM