HOW TO:  Create an Upload a File assignment

Upload a File assignments are ways for you to allow students to submit their work electronically, minimizing the paper shuffling and lost work.  

  1. Go to your course site;
  2. Turn editing on;
  3. Select a topic module to work in;
  4. Open the "add an activity" drop down menu;
  5. Click "upload a single file";
  6. Enter a name for your assignment.  (Sometimes it is helpful to add “upload here” to your assignment name!);
  7. In the "description" field, put any instructions that support the assignment (or you may prefer to reference a separately posted document that contains the instructions);
  8. If it will be a graded assignment, MOODLE can help.  Enter a grading scale, submission dates, and options in the parameter fields;
  9. Click "save and return to course".

Last modified: Monday, July 18, 2011, 12:24 PM