HOW TO:  Create a Forum Activity

  1. Open your course site;
  2. Turn editing on;
  3. Select a topic block in which to add a forum;
  4. Open the "add an activity" drop-down menu;
  5. Click on "Forum";
  6. Enter a title for your forum;
  7. Select a "forum type" (see help icon for definitions…choose wisely);
  8. Enter instructional text into "Forum Introduction";
  9. Make selections regarding grading and blocking parameters;
  10. Click "save a return to course".

    Note if your format is standard for general use you really just created a "parking lot" where separate discussion topic are initiated and organized.  You may still need to initiate a specific topic prompt for your students.  If you selected a single simple discussion format, your "forum introduction" will serve as the initiating statement.

Last modified: Monday, July 18, 2011, 12:24 PM