HOW TO:  Add a Chat Room to you site

  1. Go to your course site;
  2. Turn editing on;
  3. Select a topic module to work in;
  4. Open the "add an activity" drop down menu;
  5. Click "Chat";
  6. Enter a name for your Chat Room; 
  7. In the "introduction text" field, put any instructions that support the appropriate use of the chat room. (You may want to remind visitors that all entries are retained for later review by the teacher!)
  8. If there is a specific or reoccurring time that this chat room is to be active, specify with the date settings;
  9. It is recommended that you specify that past sessions be saved (default), but not to allow everyone to view past sessions (only default); 
  10. Click "save and return to course".

Last modified: Monday, July 18, 2011, 12:24 PM