HOW TO:  Add a WIKI to your site

  1. Go to your course site;
  2. Select a topic block in which to add a WIKI;
  3. Open the "add and activity" drop down menu;
  4. Click WIKI;
  5. Enter a title for your WIKI;
  6. In the summary section, place any text that your want to appear on top of the WIKI page (e.g. instructions, encouragement, netiquette...);
  7. Select the WIKI type and that meets your needs (use the help button for definitions).
  8. Click "save and return to course".

    WIKIs are activity where you might want to try using groups.  WIKIs are not set-up for grading since they are intended to be very dynamic.  Grading the finished product may be preferred.  Tracking participation is also useful.  A separate grade can be entered as an "offline" assignment.

Last modified: Monday, July 18, 2011, 12:24 PM